The sum of the final momenta is 0.003 kg-m/sec, very close to the initial zero momentum of the system before the explosion. We have good evidence that the law of conservation of momentum is conserved even in explosions! In explosions the vector sum of the exploded pieces is the same as the initial momentum of the system.
rotational motion, so is the conservation law of angular momentum. The following table shows the analogous quantities in rotational motion to translational motion used in this lab. Quantities in Translational Motion Analogous Quantities in Rotational Motion . M (mass) I (moment of inertia) v. ω(velocity) (angular velocity) p = mv (linear momentum) L = I. ω (angular momentum) 2. 2 1. mv (linear kinetic energy) 2. 2 1. I. ω(rotational kinetic energy)